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Lamplighter Meets with City Staff

Lamplighter Meets with City Staff to Discuss Options on Vacant Property, Foreclosure and Squatter Problems On Friday morning, March 23rd, members of the Lamplighter steering committee met with Assistant City Manager Craig  Whittom, Assistant City Attorney Claudia Quintana, Lieutenant Lee Horton of the Vallejo Police Department, and Nimat  Shakoor-Grantham, head of Code Enforcement, to discuss […]

How to tell if you have squatters living near by

By Ann Smith Here are some clues that your neighborhood may have been invaded by squatters. There is a foreclosed property in your neighborhood. The old neighbors have moved out and the house is empty. Slowly there are changes to the property. The lawn looks overgrown. There are weeds, and trash around the house. The […]

Cash For Keys and Other Disasters *Update*

By Ann Smith Well, after two years of problems I can finally say that my block is “free at last” of squatters. The problem property sold at auction and a real estate group that is buying up foreclosed properties in Vallejo at a rapid rate bought the house. With the help of a bank REO […]

Santa Clara/Farragut Neighborhood District

Action or Information: 4 locations with squatters- Reported to Code Enforcement and CORE Team. 3 Encampments in our neighborhood; reported to Code Enforcement, they were unable to help. Plan to report to CORE Team. 9 filed police reports. Squatters in two abandoned house reported to Code Enforcement, Fighting Back and Core Team. 1 burglary was […]