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Richardson Park Neighborhood – Shooting

Date of incident: = 02/26/2012 Time of Day: = 11:30am Location of Incident = Oddstad Drive, in the parking lot of Bonaire Condo complex,  facing Oddstad Drive Type of Incident = Shooting Brief Description of Incident: I heard what sounded like a machine gun/semi-automatic while I was in my unit.  I called 911 and several […]

Carter-Frisbie Neighborhood – Burglary

Type of Crime: Burglary Action or Information: (days before Christmas) A group of teens (about 6 of them) were casing our area moments ago.  Two broke off from the group and knocked on one homes door …when no answer they returned to the group who then ventured thru bushes adjacent to the house and headed […]

Vista Neighborhood – Suspicious Door-to-Door Solicitation

About 3:30 PM on Thursday, October 6th, a slightly heavyset strawberry blonde Caucasian woman, in her early twenties, 5 foot 2 or so, rang the doorbell of a neighbor’s house (500 block Washington Street).  The woman talked about needing to earn points to get $15,000 to start her own business but held only a page […]