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Neighborhood Watch Report: Southeast Quadrant

Reported on March 30th 2012 

Maryetta Falk
Posted by webmaster on 03/30/2012

This week I experienced a feeling that I have never in my life had before and I have travelled abroad for almost 50 years. Arriving back in the states this week at San Francisco airport, one terminal was shut down for several hours due to a bomb scare. When I drove home into Vallejo, I stopped at the intersection below my house and looked up the dark street before I began meandering back and forth in order to shine my headlights onto yards and then the alley way on the perimeter of my property. The street light had been out for over a year and I was gloomy being reminded of the fight with the city for the light as well as the Neighborhood Watch signs we had been trying to get put up.

After finding no undesirable appearances, I pushed the button for the garage door to open and quickly closed it after pulling inside. Then it hit me – I wasn’t sure I was glad to be home. I had felt safer on the other side of the world than I do in America. In Makati, Manila, in the Philippines, I had been able to walk outside at any time of day or night without concern. Of course, that was once I got used to the uniformed guards in front of every building and two at every intersection. Not only did they have a revolver on their hip but each one held a shot gun across their chest. But I never saw a skirmish, never heard a gunshot or even a siren. I wondered, “Is this where America is headed in order to feel safe again?” I posted it on Facebook – the response from across the states was even more depressing, “It sure looks like it”.

But Tuesday night at the City Council meeting – I had a much better, over-riding feeling that this is a democracy and we have the power to change things. I am so proud of Fighting Back and our Neighborhood Watch program. I love being associated with people who are willing to step out and make a difference.

And tonight, I was overcome with sheer joy and a shout of “Hallelujah!” I thought at first that I was on the wrong street but it is true – the street light has been fixed and we have light again. I might even be able to believe for a miracle and see our “Neighborhood Watch” signs posted.

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