NW Report

Neighborhood Watch Report: The Northwest Quadrant
Santa Clara/Farragut Neighborhood Watch reported February 24th 2012
Posted by webmaster on 04/01/2012

Action or Information:

4 locations with squatters- Reported to Code Enforcement and CORE Team.

3 Encampments in our neighborhood; reported to Code Enforcement, they were unable to help.
Plan to report to CORE Team.

9 filed police reports.

Squatters in two abandoned house reported to Code Enforcement, Fighting Back and Core Team.

1 burglary was copper theft/foreclosed house.

5 Assaults- Police Report,,,reported to Police/Muggers violently beat the victim, Neighbor
approached prostitute and threatened to call the police.

1 Arrest, no details although neighbors witnessed arrest

6 vehicles

3 Cars broken into – Police Report

although gunshots are heard at least twice a month no police reports have been made that we know
of. We have noticed less gunfire than usual since January.

3 reported to the police

8 locations neighbors helped clean up graffiti during October and June!

Additional info: The attached report is for incidents reported to the Santa Clara/Farragut Ave NW from
August to present.  On a positive note our watch signs were installed this year and last year we hosted
several events, a great Block Party on Santa Clara St. NW Quad/Vallejo Heights Clean-up, August BBQ
and June Neighborhood Cleanup Day.  We are also moving forward with our community garden and a
neighborhood mural project.