A Four-Quadrant Framework for Advocacy and Change
Posted by webmaster on 06/03/2011

In an effort to better coordinate the numerous neighborhood watch groups that have formed across town,the Vallejo Lamplighter has divided the city into four quadrants, with Tennessee Street (north-south) and I-80 (east-west) serving as the axes.

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We currently have excellent information coming from the northwest, southeast and southwest quadrants. We’re hoping to start getting news from the northeast quadrant soon, and would like to encourage anyone in that area who’d like to contribute to get in touch.

If you have news about your neighborhood watch group‘s actions, problems or success, we would love to hear fromyou—especially if you’re from the northeast quadrant. Contact us at info@vallejolamplighter.orgThe best information about a given neighborhood always starts at the grass roots—but too much or disorganized information can diminish the effectiveness of what needs to be communicated.

We have created a framework that makes reporting of specific neighborhood conditions easier, simpler and more direct, so that city government is more in tune with and more responsive to the needs of each of Vallejo’s communities.

Our goal is to have two spokespersons/captains from each quadrant represent their area on a steering committee for Vallejo Lamplighter, and to help advocate with city government for issues of specific relevance to their regions.


For more information, contact:

The duties of these quadrant captains will include:

  • Identify and communicate with the active neighborhood watch captains in their quadrant.
  • Help coordinate the National Night Out event.
  • Hold monthly meetings amongst themselves with the guidance of the Vallejo Lamplighter.
  • Help guide and monitor Neighborhood Watch meetings.
  • Coordinate information from the community to the Vallejo Lamplighter.
  • Serve as a representative for their quadrant in an advocacy role, specifically in speaking before City Council on matters of importance to the neighborhoods in their quadrant.

Paring down the number of area representatives to two per quadrant is intended to simplify, clarify and focus the information coming from each quadrant in Vallejo.

This will ensure that city staff and council members have a clear picture of what issues need to be addressed, while understanding that those issues have been identified by a well organized, highly mobilized group of informed citizens.

We have begun forming this steering committee, and would like to encourage interested citizens to step forward for their area. As of now, the only quadrant that hasn’t identified its potential captains is (again) the northeast quadrant.

If you’d like to volunteer for your quadrant, or learn more about how you can help, drop us a line at