Get Involved


Involvement in our neighborhoods, communities, and the City of Vallejo is vital to our success as Vallejoans.

The benefits of getting involved are immeasurable. Involvement means leaving our comfort zone and challenging ourselves to accomplish greater things in our neighborhoods and our city.

Our future is depending on the actions we take today. Volunteering is the first step in helping our community become a better place to live. Contributing five hours a month can make a considerable difference over time. The small steps those five hours represent can help transform your community for good. (And if you can’t contribute five hours, consider a contribution.)

Where do I fit in?

In the list below you will find five organizations in Vallejo that are currently enlisting volunteers. Your time, talent, and effort are needed to make your neighborhood and our city a better place to live; take the time and make the call right now.

Vallejo Lamplighter, Webmaster
(707) 648-5230

CORE Team, John Allen
(707) 649-5461