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Southwest Quadrant – Vallejo Annex

Date/Time of Incident: 9/20/12 at 3 PM Location of Incident: Vallejo Annex Type of Incident: suspicious persons Description of Incident: Two guys are going door to door, one Caucasian/Asian about 5’7”, medium build with a baseball cap that says Commerce Energy and one Middle Eastern Indian medium brown skin about 6 feet 220 lbs saying […]

Vista Neighborhood – Recent Spate of Minor Break-ins

The Vista neighborhood has experienced a series of break-ins over the past few days: Sometime during the night/morning of Sep 13/14, a house under renovation on El Caminito Street was broken into. The intruder pried the locks off a window at the rear of the house from the outside.  Fortunately, nothing but the window was damaged and […]

Northwest Quadrant – Robbery in the Vista

On May 31st, while raking his front yard on Redwood Street, an elderly resident of the Vista was approached by a young African American male approached him and asked what time it was. The elderly resident wears a large heavy gold cross on his outer clothing at all times. Some people think he’s a priest […]

St. Vincent Hill Neighborhood – Property, Identity Theft

Southwest Quadrant – St. Vincent Hill Neighborhood Location of Incident = 100 Block of Ohio Street A CHP officer just called a resident for more info about a car break in Dec. They had picked up a Vallejo guy in Yountville driving a car with my stolen license plates and a laptop filled with identity […]

St. Vincent Hill Neighborhood – Attempted Vehicle Theft

600 Block of Kentucky Street Someone shoved a small hack-saw blade into the door lock on RP’s Civic parked on the 600 Block of Kentuckystreet last night. It doesn’t look like they were able to get inside. Nothing inside anyway and the wheel has a “Club” lock on it. Hassle to get the bit out […]