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Inexpensive Home Protection Ideas

I wanted to share some inexpensive ideas with my fellow Vallejo neighbors. With the reduction of police officers on patrol in our city it’s very important that we all stay diligent in keeping our neighbors and homes protected from potential criminals. Here are some very simple and inexpensive ways in to keep your peace of […]

Going on Vacation?

Remember to… Ask a trusted neighbor to put garbage in your garbage cans and haul out to the curb for pickup. Garbage cans on the street later in the day or next day is usually a sign that nobody is home.  Maybe neighbors can help each other out by taking these cans off the street. […]


Carter-Frisbie Neighborhood – Burglary

Type of Crime: Burglary Action or Information: (days before Christmas) A group of teens (about 6 of them) were casing our area moments ago.  Two broke off from the group and knocked on one homes door …when no answer they returned to the group who then ventured thru bushes adjacent to the house and headed […]

Santa Clara/Farragut Neighborhood District

Action or Information: 4 locations with squatters- Reported to Code Enforcement and CORE Team. 3 Encampments in our neighborhood; reported to Code Enforcement, they were unable to help. Plan to report to CORE Team. 9 filed police reports. Squatters in two abandoned house reported to Code Enforcement, Fighting Back and Core Team. 1 burglary was […]

St. Vincent Hill Neighborhood – Attempted Vehicle Theft

600 Block of Kentucky Street Someone shoved a small hack-saw blade into the door lock on RP’s Civic parked on the 600 Block of Kentuckystreet last night. It doesn’t look like they were able to get inside. Nothing inside anyway and the wheel has a “Club” lock on it. Hassle to get the bit out […]