All Vallejo Neighborhood Alert – Burglary/ Home Invasion

 Date/Time of Incident: 4/7/13 at 2 AM

Location of Incident: 1100 Block of Sutter Street

Type of Incident: Burglary/ Home Invasion

Description of Incident:

There is a new crime trend in Vallejo. Several residents have reported that their locks have been ”bumped.” This is done by someone with locksmith tools. Please secure your doors when inside with door blocks, chains, bars, etc. Driveway alarms are also great (they are available for under $20 from Harbor Freight) as well as having a Home Alarm Systems and Cameras and be aware of strangers in your neighborhood are the best defense!

This following report is from the Heritage neighborhood:

At 2AM a neighbor on the 1100 block of Sutter St. was awakened by someone in the house. The dog woke the family up when the person came into the house. He is described as a Caucasian male in his 20’s, thin built, medium length blond hair, wearing a black shirt and beige pants.

This incident was also taking place elsewhere in the area, people have had their doors messed with and an alarm went off between Sutter and Sonoma Blvd. Right after the alarm went off, 3 Caucasian males, young, one riding a bike and two on foot went east in Lozier Alley towards Napa St. There was no damaged to the door, so it leaves us to believe that he jimmied the lock or had some kind of key that opened the door.

Similar activity has also been happening in the Valle Vista area off Greenfield. Please activate your watches, and be on the look out for individuals fitting this description.

Number of Persons Involved: 3 to 4

Suspect Description: He is described as a Caucasian male in his 20’s, thin built, medium length blond hair, wearing a black shirt and beige pants. Three Caucasian males, young, one riding a bike and two on foot that went east.

Vehicle Description: n/a

License Plate: n/a

Reported to Police: Yes

Additional Information (if any): none


Santa Clara/Farragut Neighborhood District – Gun Shots

Saturday early morning (3/30/13) between about 1:40 and 1:50 a.m. Saturday RP heard a series of gunshots, probably about 15 shots altogether. Shots may have come from a large caliber weapon. Suspected shots may have originated from Santa Clara between Hichborn and Farragut. RP reported seeing flashes on Santa Clara from their back window. RP called 911 twice, the first time to make an initial report then a second time to report the second and third series of shots. RP couldn’t get through to the operator the second time or did not see any cops, but did hear a short siren burst before 2 AM.

Vista Neighborhood – Theft and Car Break-In

On 25 Feb, at 8 AM, a young African-American woman snatched a gardener’s satchel from a resident’s driveway on El Camino Real while she was being watched (!) by the gardener, who was no more than 25 yards away. She then jumped into an older bright red 2-door car and the driver sped off. RP didn’t get the license number, but called the high school anyway. PR’s think this car may pass through the neighborhood every morning, so will be on the lookout for the license number.

On 24 Feb, a locked van, parked in the back yard driveway on the corner of Nebraska and Tuolumne (across from St Basil’s) was broken into, and every piece of the owner electrician’s gear, including a laptop computer, was taken. Entry was by way of a fence from Hanns Lane. Van windows broken to gain access, and the perps even entered the nearby garage to steal big plastic bags to carry their loot.

They’re getting brazen.