Vista Neighborhood – Recent Spate of Minor Break-ins

The Vista neighborhood has experienced a series of break-ins over the past few days:

  1. Sometime during the night/morning of Sep 13/14, a house under renovation on El Caminito Street was broken into. The intruder pried the locks off a window at the rear of the house from the outside.  Fortunately, nothing but the window was damaged and nothing appears to have been stolen.  Basically, the house is empty except for some lumber, drywall, etc.The owner filed an on-line police report and asked the neighbors to keep an eye out for anyone who may not belong in the neighborhood.
  2. Early on Sunday morning, September 16th, a car parked in the driveway in front of a house in the 100 block of Farallon Drive was broken into. The thieves left items from the glove box all over the sidewalk as well as a baby diaper bag with all its items strewn in the bushes.
  3. Late Sunday night or early Monday morning, September 16th /17th, between 11 PM and 7 AM, someone broke into a garage on La Cresenda Street and cleaned out the freezer. The electric garage door was closed, but the side door was unlocked. The thief came with a bag to carry everything—steaks, hamburgers, waffles, etc., everything but fruit and produce. A ham was lying on the garage floor when the resident went to get his car Monday morning; it probably fell out of the intruder’s bag. The resident filed a police report, and has taken other precautions to prevent a recurrence.
  4. During the night of Sunday September 16th (or early Monday morning), an intruder entered a home on Loma Vista where the new tenants have not yet moved in. The thief entered through an unlatched windown downstairs, then entered the garage and took several items the new residents had moved to the premises in anticipation of moving in shortly. Taken were: a brand new battery-powered weed wacker and shop vacuum still in the box, as well as three or four plastic bins containing collectible glassware and various memorabilia, each wrapped in newspaper. The items themselves weren’t worth that much but the feeling of violation was significant. A police report was filed, and neighbors were alerted.
  5. Early Monday morning, September 17th, a resident on Valle Vista woke just before 4 AM and discovered the gate to his back yard open and a tool box dragged to a far corner of the yard. The resident called the police, who came out and he filed a report. He’s put a padlock on the gate and the police have agreed to send patrols around the neighborhood in the late night/early morning hours.

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