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Neighborhood Initiatives


“Vallejo Fighting Back Partnership is a non-profit collaboration that partners with business, government and residents to improve neighborhoods, strengthen families, and support youth development creating a safe, healthy, and thriving community.”

Fighting Back Partnership’s Neighborhood Revitalization program is a comprehensive community project, which improves the quality of life for residents in deteriorating high-crime neighborhoods. Through a strategic alliance among community non-profits, neighborhood groups, the business community, and personnel from various city agencies (i.e. police, fire, and code enforcement), a community coalition defined as the Core Team meets regularly to focus on community needs such as Block Watch Training and Support, Community Organizing activities, and technical assistance with resident incident reports.

Currently there are thirty-two neighborhoods which have been addressed and improved since 1997, primarily through current funding from the Syar Foundation and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) monies.

Who we serve: Our work is currently focused in the South Vallejo Neighborhood Preservation Area, and we are continuing to provide technical support to the many neighborhoods throughout Vallejo that have established their own neighborhood block watches.

Vallejo has many pockets of deterioration spread across the city that could benefit from revitalization. An identified revitalization area can range from one to six blocks and even to areas as large as the 43 blocks of the Millerville Revitalization Area. Areas are defined and prioritized based on a variety of factors that include:

  1. Is there a high level of crime and violence as measured by the number of police calls for service? Crimes including drug trafficking, public drinking, prostitution, assaults, and disorderly conduct are of concern to residents and serve to depress neighborhoods.
  2. Is there a significant level of physical deterioration present in the area? Problems such as the number of abandoned cars, the presence of broken-down and/or abandoned housing; the level of upkeep of yards and other exterior space, and the presence of waste and debris.
  3. Does the area have a block watch or other form of neighborhood association? Or are there concerned individuals in the area wishing to address neighborhood problems?
  4. Is there an alcohol outlet nearby contributing to neighborhood problems? Bars, liquor stores, and convenience stores can dramatically contribute to neighborhood problems
  5. What is the ratio of owner occupied vs. rental property in the area? Generally speaking, the higher the level of rentals in an area the more resources  required to revitalize the neighborhood.
  6. Is the size of the troubled area amenable to revitalization with the resources that   are  currently available?


The Neighborhood Revitalization program remains strong and the program model, which involves engaging the community to bring about positive change to neighborhoods, is a proven success. Community organization, mobilization, and engagement have been the Neighborhood Revitalization program’s responsibility, with Fighting Back Partnership and the Core Team providing crucial support. With the many community and City Department collaborations, Fighting Back Partnership has mobilized the necessary resources to affect successful change in target neighborhoods.

Fighting Back Partnership is committed to continuing to provide revitalization support to the many neighborhoods and community groups of the city of Vallejo. The preservation of the neighborhoods and the residents’ quality of life is a significant part of our agency’s mission goal statement.

In addition, each August Fighting Back Partnership coordinates National Night Out activities with City of Vallejo Departments that include the Vallejo Police Department and Code Enforcement. Code Enforcement generously provides free Dumpsters to neighborhood groups willing to plan a National Night Out event for their neighborhood. This event is always held the first Tuesday evening in August. By participating in this event, you and your neighbors send out a loud and clear message that the police department is supported and that in THIS neighborhood, crime will not be tolerated.

Please contact John Allen, Neighborhood Program Director at Fighting Back Partnership, if your neighborhood meets any of the criteria 1-6 above and would benefit from the following services:

  • Block Watch training and support
  • Community mobilization efforts and training
  • Assistance with a problem properties in your neighborhood
  • Hosting a National Night Out Event


John Allen, Program Director

Fighting Back Partnership

(707) 649-5461 ~ Office

(704) 704-3031 ~ Cell



(707) 648-5230 / FAX (707) 648-5230

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