July 11, 2012

The Vallejo Police Department is working on two methods of social communication that we hope will improve our ability to interactively communicate with members of the public who are interested in connecting via this service.

  • Twitter: a free social networking website that lets users share short messages, known as ‘tweets’, with their circle of friends. Users would be able to share information with the police department in real-time which in turn would allow us to be more responsive to in-progress incidents.


  • Nixle: Lieutenant J. O’Connell and I.T. Manager Greg Taylor are meeting with representatives from Nixle in preparation of initiating this service which will allow the public to receive crime, traffic, or general text messages or emails which are sent directly to the user’s mobile device.


  • We have also obtained formatting software which will allow us to standardize the majority of our department forms and will begin to review and electronically revise individual forms over the next few months. This is all designed to allow us to stay current with case law and statutory revisions related to document control, and provide citizens with current information based upon the corrected revisions.


  • Police Clerk Nick Weiss has been working with DOJ (Department of Justice) and the Sheriff’s Office to set up access to DOJ AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) through his very own desk-top which is located in the Police Department Evidence Section. Nick is now able to scan latent prints and then submit them through DOJ AFIS; this results in quicker analysis of latent evidence. He can also submit prints through the FBI. Nick has been able to obtain positive identification on 10 latent print cards which have resulted in suspect identification in burglary cases. There is no cost for this service.



Monitoring of the City-Wide camera program has been completed. Each of the trained volunteers were given specific instruction on how to communicate with our dispatch center who in turn will relay information to officers in the field which will obviously enhance our ability to respond, identify, and apprehend criminal offenders.

The volunteers assigned to this detail will work in shifts, and monitor areas of high crime and visibility.



Greg Taylor, Sergeant M. Nicol and Police Clerk Andy Bates are continuing to work with the city in an effort to redesign our Police Department Website: On July 25, 2012, Greg Taylor will be conducting a presentation on the Police Department Web site and how citizens can navigate their way toward desired services. The ultimate goal is to provide citizens with a more comprehensive menu of available services within the police department.


Training of our two newest Record Clerks continues and is now moving toward a final phase which will include the front desk duties. Once each of the new employees completes this phase of their training, our hope is to expand our lobby hours to 5 days a week. Significant progress has been made in this area which has allowed us to expand our service commitments while addressing the needs of our citizens.

I would like to personally thank Ms. Julie Stratton who took the time to acknowledge Dejon Walker of our records section for providing her with what she described as “helpful, courteous, and efficient service”.

As a reminder, our records section is open from 0930-5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday. The contact numbers for the Police Department Record Section during these hours is:

  • (707) 648-4447
  • (707) 648-4491
  • (707) 648-4567

It’s also worth mentioning for those citizens without computers that they can come into the lobby and file a report online using the computer we have there (kiosk), and there are employees available to assist in that process should the need arise.



  • Citizen Police Academy #14 has been scheduled. Classes will be held on Wednesday’s 1800-2100 beginning August 8, 2012 and continuing for ten weeks, concluding on Saturday October 20, 2012. September 5th will be an off week.


  • Officers from the department will volunteer their time as academy instructors for all of the learning domains.


  • We continue to solicit anyone who may be interested in attending this academy. If interested, you may contact Sergeant Jeff Bassett @ (707) 648-4574



From June 20, through July 10, 2012, the Volunteers have continued dedicating themselves to the following functions

  • Citizens on Patrol – 24 hrs
  • 290 Registration – 48 hrs
  • Data Entry assignments, Pawn slip detail, crystal reports – 60 hrs
  • Volunteer/COP meetings and training – 2 hours
  • Mail Runs – 10 hrs
  • Camera Monitoring Stations – 18 hrs
  • Non- Emergency Phone Lines – 20 hrs
  • Critical Incident Call out – 19 hrs
  • July 4th Water front Traffic Detail – 14 hrs
  • Total: 215 hours

Ms. Carmen Williams has worked very hard at tabulating robbery and violent crime reports which include suspect information, weapon, vehicle description, and location. Ms. Williams updates this information on a weekly basis, and has created electronic robbery files which can be easily accessed by those investigating violent crime.


We are currently accepting applications for our police Cadet Program, but unfortunately, of the 100 applications reviewed, only ten were qualified, of which eight chose to complete the interview process. Six candidates will advance onto the next phase of the selection process which is a POST written and physical agility test.

I am very excited to announce that Cadets Leonard Alamon and Matt Samida are preparing to attend the police academy which is scheduled to begin next month.


I would like to publicly recognize the efforts of the Vallejo Housing Authority, Corporal Stan Eng, and Officer Mary Pedretti who have collaborated on a Crime Free Housing Program. The Housing Division and Police Department conduct classes to train property managers on the policies and procedures for the Crime Free Program. To date, six complex managers have been trained that manage the following properties:

  • 201 Maine Street
  • 132 Carolina Street
  • 300 Avian Drive
  • 750 Sereno Drive
  • 2700 Tuolumne Street
  • 900 Porter Street

The Crime Free Program authorizes property managers to have tenants sign an addendum to their lease that states all persons residing in or visiting the property will live “crime free.”  Therefore, any resident or visitor arrested on the property and/or any tenant arrested offsite, is subject to eviction. Since the program is being administered by the Housing Division, the tenants are required to sign an addendum or they forfeit all housing funding.


On June 21, 2012, The Vallejo Police Department’s Crime Suppression Unit joined the Federal Bureau of Investigations Solano County Safe Street Task force and conducted “Operation Cross Country” in the city of Vallejo. This is a multi-day national enforcement action targeting CHILD PROSTITUTION.

This operation was coordinated by the Innocence Lost Initiative and in partnership between the FBI, state, and local law enforcement and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The operation ran from June 20-June 21, 2012, and yielded the following results:

Prostitution Arrests

  • Exiadra Aboytes – 18 year old female from Visalia
  • Sarah Lawson – 19 year old female from Fairfield
  • Jordan Russel l- 18 year old female from Pittsburg
  • Jamaya Stewart – 21 year old female from Vallejo


  • Hassan Bratcher – 34 year old male from San Francisco
  • Andres Adams – 20 year old male from Suisun
  • Travis McCall – 21 year old male from Pittsburg


The Vallejo Police Traffic Division worked the 4th of July parade, and posed for many pictures that were taken with many of the children in attendance, and even a few adults. There were many inquiries about performing in the parade which always seems to be a fan favorite, but due to the lack of Officers available, no formal demonstration was conducted. The police dept would like to thank the parade event volunteers for their outstanding efforts with closing the parade route/traffic control, and all citizens in attendance.



I would like to recognize the following officers who were the recipients of a letter of appreciation from the Discovery Kingdom Security Manager for their efforts at making the park a safer and more enjoyable experience for Park Guest over the last month to include July 4th.

  • Mat Mustard
  • Brent Garrick
  • John Garcia
  • Drew Ramsay
  • Less Bottomley
  • Mike Nichelini

Ms. Rasheda Burris was gracious enough to send a card acknowledging the efforts of Officer Josh Coleman and commending him for representing the Vallejo Police Department in such an honorable fashion.

Mr. Bret Hissey drafted a letter of appreciation and acknowledged the efforts of Lt Abel Tenorio who facilitated the return of his misappropriated SUV.

Crime Updates:

Our Crime Suppression unit with the cooperation of the California Highway Patrol conducted parole and probation sweeps resulting in multiple arrests and the seizure of narcotics and narcotics paraphernalia.

Over the last two week period, the following incidents took place:

  • 2 Officer Involved Fatal Incidents – Armed suspects
  • 3  Shootings
  • 6  Armed robberies of a person
  • 5 Armed robberies of a store
  • 4 Gun seizures due to Officer-Initiated contacts
  • 1 Copper Theft Arrest
  • 2  Armed Car Jackings
  • 5 Assaults with a deadly weapon
  • 132 Total Arrests

Crime Tips:

  • Neighborhoods: Communicate with those in your neighborhood about anything that is suspicious or out of the ordinary for your area. This could include taking down license plates, and jotting down the physical description of those who don’t belong in your neighborhood. Maintain your lighting, landscaping, and ensure your doors and windows are secured.


  • Shopping – Be aware of your surroundings, and refrain from conducting the following business at night if at all possible
    • Banking
    • Getting Gas
    • Contact the police re: 1037 activity (552-3285) or 911



There has been much discussion related to the execution of a search warrant at Better Health Group located at 3611 Sonoma Blvd. I have been in communication with the City Manager, to include those associated with BHG. I have attempted to conduct a walk-through of the property and was prepared to do that but was informed the keys for the location could not be secured.

All of the allegations related to this search, such as destruction of property including the ripping of voter registration cards, will be investigated through a formal process, to include evaluation of any citizen complaints received related to this event.

Administrative and Criminal Investigations:

Several questions have come up related to criminal investigations especially those that are classified as Officer Involved shootings. Since our last meeting, there have been two Officer Involved Fatal Incidents, both of which involved armed suspects which were captured on video. As a result of these truly unfortunate events which occurred over a very brief period of days, many of our citizens are concerned about the tactics used by the involved officers.

Utilizing deadly force is an absolute last resort and much of what happens during these deadly encounters is a direct result of how the suspect reacts and/or responds to officer demands to stop, or drop his or her weapon.

The past two incidents are obviously still under investigation by members of the Vallejo Police Department and Solano County District Attorney’s Office. There is not much more which can be said aside from my attempt to assure the citizens of this city that your police officers are well aware of how to defuse a very intense situation which can be evidenced by the following event:

As mentioned above, officers have taken four guns off the street from armed suspects over the last three weeks, and since January of 2012, there have been 122 guns taken off the streets of Vallejo through the efforts of these highly trained law enforcement professionals.

In an effort to be more informative about the joint investigation that takes place between the Vallejo Police Department and the Solano County District Attorney, I have invited the Solano County District Attorney Don du Bain, and his Chief Investigator, Kurtis Cardwell to join me during my August 8th presentation related to the Citizen Complaint process, and Administrative review of Officer Involved Incidents. The discussion will cover:

  • What information can be given to the public
  • Media Coverage
  • Misconceptions regarding police cover-ups
  • Due process to both the suspect and involved officer.


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