We are happy to report that Sgt. Sid DeJesus of the Vallejo Police Department, who is the department’s liaison to the Ad Hoc Citizens Public Safety Advisory Committee, will be providing us with copies of this bi-weekly reports to the committee, which outline the various ways the police are adapting their methods to respond to the law enforcement challenges facing Vallejo. This is the first of Sgt. DeJesus’s reports:



By Sgt. Sid DeJesus

June 20, 2012

Information Technology (I.T.)

We are preparing to begin an equipment upgrade for our car computers, dispatching monitors, and CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) servers. By August, we hope to have camera viewing capability, and better mapping in the cars as well as larger capacity monitors which will contain more information related to “In Progress Incidents” providing more information on new larger screens for the dispatchers.

The dispatching equipment was secured through the JAG (Justice Assistance Grant) and the additional equipment was secured through the general police budget

As a side note, our department I.T. Manager, Greg Taylor, has agreed to come and provide a presentation to the citizens on how to navigate through our department’s website and answer any questions related to information technology from a service standpoint. (This will take place at the July 25, 2012, Public Advisory Committee meeting, 6:30 PM, City Council Chambers.)


Greg Taylor, Sgt M. Nicol and Police Assistant Andy Bates are continuing to work with the city in an effort to redesign our Police Department Website: The ultimate goal is to provide citizens with a more comprehensive menu of available services within the police department, making it user-friendly for those who visit the site in need of specific services. (Information related to a completion date is not yet available.)


The Camera program is up and running, and it has already been used for criminal investigations to include video evidence of in-progress crimes. The monitoring stations for volunteers have recently been completed and we finished our first volunteer training session on the operation of the crime cameras on Tuesday, June 19th. There are additional training sessions which have been scheduled, and staffing of the viewing station will start immediately. In all, 20 Volunteers are committed to this program to date, and they will be working various shifts to cover monitoring stations.

The department also plans to activate video cameras online for the new parking structure on the waterfront.

VIEVU Body worn Audio/Video Cameras:

The department has just completed the purchase of 20 additional VieVu cameras which are audio and video devices worn by officers. The purpose is:

  • Record contact between citizens and the police
  • Reduction in liability
  • Reduction in Citizen Complaints
  • Record criminal investigations and document evidence to include crime scenes
  • Document Critical Incidents
  • Record video from an officer’s perspective to compare with third-party video
  • Use for training and evaluation of newly appointed officers

There are now a total of 40 cameras in service which are generally worn by those in patrol. These devices were purchased through federal equitable sharing agreement program.

Communications Section:

  • Both Allen McFarland and Lester Flynn are moving along in their training quicker than expected. Les, being a very seasoned dispatcher, just started the police channel phase and, since his largest obstacle was learning our policies and procedures, it already appears his remaining training time will be minimal.
  • Les has already moved into the police channel. For officer safety reasons, to be sure we accurately familiarize him with the workings of the channel, he will spend a little more time there but no further delays seem likely.
  • We are also in the process of filling another vacancy in this section.
  • In the past 2 weeks, since 06/05/12, our center has answered 4,724,911 phone lines. Note: This does not include the numerous alarm, inter-agency, in-house and seven-digit emergency lines!
  • Tracy, who was promoted to supervisor last February, has successfully completed her probationary period.
  • Our City Watch system recently received a very overdue upgrade which will make city-wide alerts and call-outs much easier to do and control so that we are not calling during undesirable hours.
  • We received our radios from the Office of Emergency Services, (OES). These radios have multi-county, multi-agency interoperability which will save the Vallejo Police Department a total of $28,000.

Records Section:

Training of our two newest Record Clerks continues, and our Police Department Lobby is now operating 4 days a week, from 0930-1700 hours (9:30 AM to 5:00 PM). Contact numbers for the Police Department Record Section during these hours is:

  • (707)648-4447
  • (707)648-4491
  • (707)648-4567.

It also worth mentioning for those citizens without computers that they can come into the lobby and file a report on line using the computer we have there (located at the kiosk), and there are employees available to assist in that process should the need arise.

Citizen Police Academy:

  • Citizen Police Academy #14 has been scheduled. Classes will be held on Wednesday’s 1800-2100 (6:00 PM to 9:00 PM) beginning August 8, 2012 and continuing for ten weeks, concluding on Saturday October 20, 2012. September 5th will be an off week.
  • Officers from the department will volunteer their time as academy instructors for all of the learning domains.

Volunteer Program:

During the month of June, the Volunteers have continued dedicating themselves to the following functions:

  • Citizens on Patrol
  • 290 (Sex Offender) Registration
  • Data Entry assignments, Pawn slip detail, crystal reports
  • Fingerprinting
  • Volunteer/COP meetings and training
  • Mail Runs
  • DUI Checkpoints

On June 13, 2012, the following officers will be recognized for distinguished and heroic service.

Officer of the Year

  • James L. Capoot
  • Purple Heart Medal, Officer James Capoot

Communications Operator of the Year

  • Dana Trejo

Medal of Courage:

  • Lt Joel Salinas
  • Officer Mike Koutnik

Confronted by an armed gunman who was threatening to take his own life, each of the officers placed themselves in grave danger to save the gunman from himself and were able to disarm him without incident or loss of life.

Life Saving Medal

Sergeant Kevin Bartlett 

Responded to the scene of a shooting and located a male victim who sustained a life threatening injury. Sergeant Bartlett rendered first aid by applying direct pressure to a gaping wound and kept the victim conscious until paramedics arrived and took over.

Officer Rob Wardlow

Officer Rob Wardlow responded to a freeway overpass in response to a call that a subject was attempting to jump. The subject who did in fact jump but Officer Wardlow held him by the arm, preventing him from falling onto a busy freeway where he would almost certainly have been killed—at the very least, gravely injured—upon falling.

 Medal of Merit

  • Lieutenant James O’Connell (HNT)
  • Sergeant Sidney DeJesus (HNT)
  • Sergeant John Whitney (SWAT)
  • Officer Leslie Bottomley (HNT)

Recently Hired Employees:

  1. Officer Megan Sheridan
  2. Officer Chase Calhoun
  3. Officer Joel Caitham
  4. Officer Jesse Hicks
  5. Les Flynn, Communications Operator
  6. Allen McFarland, Communications Operator
  7. Ryan Burger, Police Clerk
  8. Jaylynn Miramontes, Police Clerk
  9. Nicole Cook, Police Clerk
  10. Derek England, Police Clerk
  11. Yanette Hernandez, Police Cadet
  12. Jessica Woods, Police Cadet
  13. Wesley Simpson, Police Cadet

VPOA Scholarship Awards:

The Vallejo Police Officers Association awarded two recent high school graduates college scholarships and the lucky recipients will be notified my mail.

Crime Updates:

On June 7, 2012, @ 2119 hours, Vallejo suffered its 5th homicide

Our Crime Suppression unit with cooperation with the California Highway Patrol conducted parole and probations sweeps resulting in multiple arrests and the seizure of narcotics and narcotic paraphernalia.

Over the last two week period, the following incidents took place:

  • 1  Homicide
  • 4  Shootings
  • 4  Armed robberies
  • 1  Fatal Incident invovling a vehicle and a pedestrian
  • 7 Gun Seizures due to officer-initiated contacts
  • 4 Copper Theft Arrests
  • 103 Total Arrests

Crime Tips:

  • Neighborhoods
  • Shopping
  • Banking
  • Getting Gas
  • Contact the police re 1037 (domestic violence) activity: to 552-3285 or 911

Administrative and Criminal Investigations:

Several questions have come up related to criminal investigations especially those that are classified as officer-involved shootings.

  • What information can be given to the public
  • Media Coverage
  • Misconceptions as to police cover-ups
  • Due process to both the suspect and involved officer

The PIO (public information officer) generally releases as much information as possible in the initial stages of an incident, but there are many factors which prevent the release of specific information for various reasons.


Internal Affairs Presentation- 

  • August 8, 2012

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