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Inexpensive Home Protection Ideas

I wanted to share some inexpensive ideas with my fellow Vallejo neighbors. With the reduction of police officers on patrol in our city it’s very important that we all stay diligent in keeping our neighbors and homes protected from potential criminals. Here are some very simple and inexpensive ways in to keep your peace of […]

Neighborhood Watch Report: Southeast Quadrant

Written by Maryetta Falk This week I experienced a feeling that I have never in my life had before and I have travelled abroad for almost 50 years. Arriving back in the states this week at San Francisco airport, one terminal was shut down for several hours due to a bomb scare. When I drove […]

Going on Vacation?

Remember to… Ask a trusted neighbor to put garbage in your garbage cans and haul out to the curb for pickup. Garbage cans on the street later in the day or next day is usually a sign that nobody is home.  Maybe neighbors can help each other out by taking these cans off the street. […]


Useful Tip: Your Car Keys Are a Panic Alarm

Put your car keys beside your bed at night. If you hear a noise outside your home or someone trying to get into your house, just press the panic button for your car. The alarm will go off, and the horn and flashing lights will continue to sound until either you reset it with the […]


St. Vincent Hill Neighborhood – Property, Identity Theft

Southwest Quadrant – St. Vincent Hill Neighborhood Location of Incident = 100 Block of Ohio Street A CHP officer just called a resident for more info about a car break in Dec. They had picked up a Vallejo guy in Yountville driving a car with my stolen license plates and a laptop filled with identity […]