Community Restoration CORE Team

By John Allen

In the years before and during the City Of Vallejo’s bankruptcy, a group of concerned citizens came together under Fighting Back Partnership to provide guidance and direction for a grant by the United States Department of Justice.

The effectiveness of this Steering Committee was the primary reason that even without our local police department ability to provide support, we succeeded in many of the strategies required by this grant.

When this grant ended in October of 2011, we did not want to lose the momentum that we had going for us in addressing many of the ongoing problems of our city. Thus was born the Community Restoration CORE Team.

Our vision for this group is this:

By utilizing the Quad Captain system, the group receives and acts as a clearinghouse for reported problems affecting residential neighborhoods throughout the city of Vallejo.

The CORE TEAM Role and Responsibilities:

  • Work with neighborhood groups that report on abandoned or foreclosed properties impacting neighborhoods.
  • Analyze and prioritize, from suggestions of quadrant captains, which problem areas to review.
  • Work collaboratively as a group with Fighting Back Partnership to identify problem properties or areas of the city of Vallejo for intervention.
  • Determine, as a group, which suggested problem properties qualify for a SMART (Specialized Multi-Agency Response Team) intervention and which can be addressed through other means.

In order for the CORE team to adequately identify what type of response will be needed and what priority to give each problem/issue, we need as much information as possible. The following is a suggested format for reporting to the
CORE team.

1. Where and what is the problem? Be descriptive.
2. How long has it been going on?
3. Who has been notified? Beginning when? How often?
4. Has anyone been documenting the problem?
5. How is this impacting the neighborhood or the quality of life for its residents?
(A quality of life issue is identified as anything that impacts your ability to enjoy your home surroundings.)

If you think you would like to participate in the CORE Team’s planning and analysis sessions, come join to one of the group’s meetings. They’re held the second Wednesday of every month at noon (free pizza lunch provided), at:

Fighting Back Partnership
JFK Library Building, Third Floor
505 Santa Clara Street
Vallejo, CA

Get involved! Make your neighborhood what you want it to be.

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