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St. Vincent Hill Neighborhood – Attempted Vehicle Theft

600 Block of Kentucky Street Someone shoved a small hack-saw blade into the door lock on RP’s Civic parked on the 600 Block of Kentuckystreet last night. It doesn’t look like they were able to get inside. Nothing inside anyway and the wheel has a “Club” lock on it. Hassle to get the bit out […]

Vista Neighborhood – Vehicle Theft

A fifteen-year-old Chevy S-10 pickup truck with 248,000 miles on it was stolen sometime early Tuesday morning (February 14) from in front of the owner’s residence on the 600 block of Washington Street, near Rincon. The pickup was found a few hours later, minus the tires, rims, battery, and GPS. The Vallejo PD responded promptly, […]

Vista Neighborhood – Gas Theft, Burglary

Home Burglary Attempt and Siphoning of Gas from Car In the late afternoon, sometime before sunset, on February 16th, one or more burglars gained access to a home near the intersection of Mira Loma and North Camino Alto. The burglar(s) tried breaking in through several windows and finally got through the kitchen window over the […]

Vista Neighborhood – Attempted Burglary

Two African-American Males in Maroon Lexus Possibly Cruising for Burglary Opportunities As a neighbor on the 100 block of Camino Alto was pulling up in front of his house on Sunday morning, February 19th, he noticed a young African American male heading up his walkway to the front door. The resident got out of the […]