Carter-Frisbie Neighborhood – Burglary

Type of Crime: Burglary

Action or Information: (days before Christmas) A group of teens (about 6 of them) were casing our area moments ago.  Two broke off from the group and knocked on one homes door …when no answer they returned to the group who then ventured thru bushes adjacent to the house and headed for easy access points on side and back.  All of this was observed as it was occurring by one of our neighborhood watch  group….they called police and were describing what was occurring in real time.

Police (at least 3 cars with 6 cops) arrived moments later in front and with a canine unit in the cemetery.  Some teens jumped back fence into cemetery, saw dogs and jumped back over into yard….about 4 of the teens were apprehended!!

Let’s hope the word is passed among these thugs not to mess with our area!!   What an awesome group, on multiple levels, not just neighborhood watch stuff. Police said this was the third reported attempt this morning…..same m.o.  Attraction seems to be easy pickin’s for Christmas presents etc.  So, stay alert and be safe.  Call the police the moment something appears to be amiss

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