Heritage District – Suspicious Casing of Houses

Downtown Area Near Val’s Market—Suspicious Casing of Houses, Possible Burglary Crew

Last week a resident in this neighborhood (near the intersection of El Dorado & Georgia) observed a large Dodge van parked in front of his house and the occupants (one man, one woman) remained in the vehicle for ten minutes.

The pair then exited the vehicle and walked up toward Val’s Market. About twenty minutes later the woman came running down El Dorado Street alone, jumped into the vehicle and drove quickly around the block.

The neighbor took a video of the van that also included images of the couple quite suspiciously checking out houses on  their way up El Dorado to Val’s.

The van parked down Garford Alley, at which prompted the resident to call the police, telling them he thought there was  a burglary in progress. The dispatcher replied they would not send out a car without proof.

The resident looked at the video again and noticed the Van had two different license plates.

The resident notified several neighbors and told them of the suspicious couple.

On Friday January 6th the same Van and man (light-skinned possible ethnic male) were seen driving around the neighborhood. The van parked down on York Street in front of 733. The man was looking into the windows of this house, then saw the resident observing him and went up and knocked on the door of 733 York, as though he were visiting. The resident walked to the neighbors next door and the suspicious man got into the van and drove away.

The vehicle: Large White Dodge Van Ram 3500, large chrome step, and large tinted windows all around.

Front plate    2NT711
Back Plate   3VWY532

If you see this vehicle in your neighborhood, alert the police. Even if they don’t respond, we need to make a record of our vigilance in reporting this type of activity.

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