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Glen Cove – Mailbox Vandalism

A recent US Postal Inspection Service notice has been sent out to Glen Cove residents advising them that mailboxes in our area were vandalized and mail has been stolen. They ask that if any expected checks or credit cards were not received to report it them at 510-622-7440 or at

Millennium Sports Club – Professional Car Thieves

Professional Car Theft Crew Targeting Vallejo Hondas A resident of the Vista Neighborhood had her older Honda stolen in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday early the week of January 9th. It was taken not in the Vista but from the Millennium Sports Club parking lot near Magazine Street and Lincoln Road. The […]

Heritage District – Suspicious Casing of Houses

Downtown Area Near Val’s Market—Suspicious Casing of Houses, Possible Burglary Crew Last week a resident in this neighborhood (near the intersection of El Dorado & Georgia) observed a large Dodge van parked in front of his house and the occupants (one man, one woman) remained in the vehicle for ten minutes. The pair then exited […]

I-80 / Hwy 37 Offramp – Possible Carjacking

On Monday, January 5th at 1:00 am, a Vallejo resident exited I-80 Westbound at Highway 37. As the driver approached the stop sign, he noticed to the right an SUV parked on the side of the road before the stop sign. The driver noticed a male adult standing or hiding near the SUV in the […]