Taking Ownership

Who is responsible for my safety? I am. Who is responsible for my personal happiness and well-being? I am. There seems to be a common denominator when it comes to having empowerment over my own environment; and that denominator is me.

We are in the midst of one of the most troubling times in our nation’s and city’s history. We are experiencing high unemployment rates, increased property foreclosures, reduced police presence in our communities, and bankruptcy of our city to list just a few of the many problems.

At this point in time, we see blame being placed on everyone from the president to our next door neighbors, but are we asking ourselves the following question: What can I do to help? Anyone can complain and find fault, it’s the nature of the human psyche.

Some people have already begun to answer the call to the problems that we are currently experiencing; They are taking ownership and finding solutions to the problems we are facing.

In Jim Collins’ book, “From Good to Great,” he cites that many companies have been able to turn failure into success by using the same people, placed into different strategic positions that can change the organizations profitability and success. The solution to Vallejo’s problems lies within the boundaries of this city. The people of this city have the ability to help Vallejo solve its problems and make it greater than it has ever been before.

In any crisis, there needs to be an acceptance of what has occurred, and someone who has the foresight, courage, and wisdom to address and solve the problem. For some people, it may be something simple that can be easily resolved within the community; for others the scope of the problem may require getting others involved to help. The most important factor is to get started, develop the plan and follow-through until the desired results are achieved.

William Danforth, the founder of Ralston Purina Corporation, said this, “I Dare You!” I dare the citizens of Vallejo to take action to make this a better place. If you are truly a Vallejoan then start taking ownership, forego blaming others for this city’s problems, and step forward to help solve them.

Kevin V. Dixon
Committee Member

The Vallejo Lamplighter would be an excellent place to start
if you’re looking for meaningful involvement in your community

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