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Howard/Moorland – Reports of Shots Fired

North West Neighborhood – Howard/Moorland Reports of Shots Fired On Wednesday morning, 12/28/11, about 6 AM a resident of the Howard/Moorland neighborhood heard a gunshot while getting ready for work. The shot came from the front or side of the house, was loud, and sounded more like it came from a rifle than a handgun. […]


Vista – Burglary Suspect Casing Homes

North West Neighborhood – Vista Burglary Suspect Casing Homes At approximately 11 AM on Wednesday, December 28th, a 6-foot-tall African American male, age unknown, wearing a red ball cap, a black hoodie, jeans and white tennis shoes was seen walking down the 1200 block of Valle Vista Ave checking doors to see if they were […]


Preparing for Flu Season

Preparing for Flu Season By Gary Monk Posted by webmaster on 12/08/2011 By Gary Monk I’ll bet you are noticing the many signs around announcing “Flu Shots Available.” It’s that time of year and it is probably a good idea to give some thought to getting vaccinated. The Seriousness and Severity of Seasonal Flu Influenza, sometimes […]


Cash For Keys / Foreclosure Problem – What you can do

Cash For Keys and Other Disasters The Foreclosure Problem in Vallejo and What We Can Do About It by Ann Jones Smith and David Corbett Posted by webmaster on 12/08/2011 If you live in Vallejo, chances are there is a foreclosed property in your neighborhood, maybe even on your block. (There are currently nearly 1,375 such properties within the […]


Taking Ownership

Who is responsible for my safety? I am. Who is responsible for my personal happiness and well-being? I am. There seems to be a common denominator when it comes to having empowerment over my own environment; and that denominator is me. We are in the midst of one of the most troubling times in our […]