St. Vincent Hill – Break-ins, Thefts & Assault

Southwest Neighborhood – St. Vincent Hill Neighborhood
Break-ins, Thefts and Assault  around Thanksgiving Weekend

About a two months ago the Fourplex on the 1000 block of Marin had $7,000 in tools stolen. Another break-in attempt was made a week and a half later.

The Monday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 21st) a resident in this area was assaulted by stopping an attempted break-in at the 500 block of Kentucky.

Two attempted car beak-ins (Nov. 23rd and 27th) were stopped at the 600 block of Kentucky and the burglars were  chased away when neighbors caught them in the act and yelled at them.

A residents neighbor’s car at the 500 block of Kentucky¬ was broken into and an iPod and GPS were stolen.

Another car on the 1100 Block of Marin had someone break-in twice Thanksgiving night and very valuable, irreplaceable items were stolen. A second attempt on his car was thwarted when he chased the burglar away.

A car at 500 block of Ohio was also broken into over Thanksgiving weekend; no valuable items were stolen however they made a mess in her car.

A another car at the 500 block of Ohio was broken into on Nov 29th, a coat and a pair of sunglasses were stolen.

A vacant property on the 500 block of Kentucky was robbed of all its copper piping and wire at the end of November. Unfortunately at this time we have no further info.

A resident at the 500 block of Kentucky was out walking with her daughter when a woman walked up to her, said she should be ashamed of herself, and punched her in the face 3 times. The woman was African-American, 5’7″, late 30′s, wearing an orange jacket.

There has also been a lot of suspicious foot traffic in the neighborhood of late, with men in black hoodies and dark clothing hugging the shadows.


  • Keep a close eye on our neighborhood and street, and if you see suspicious activity, take a picture.
  • Don’t leave valuable items in your car or glove compartment.
  • Remove any items from your porches that can be stolen.
  • Look into security floodlights and security systems if you don’t have any already.
  • Consider getting a sign at Harbor Freight Tools that reads: “Closed Circuit Television and Audio Monitoring on Premises”, and try to trim any overgrown trees and bushes.
  • Also consider getting a boat horn and use it if you witness any suspicious activities around your home or if you see any suspicious person casing out another house. From this neighborhood group’s experience, burglars will leave if they hear the horn, and it will alert the neighborhood that there is something going on.

Most importantly use your phone tree to alert your neighbors if you see any problems.


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