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Politics and a Police Officer’s Death

by David Corbett For part of today, I will be away from my desk, attending the memorial service for Officer Jim Capoot (pronounced Ka Poo), who was killed in the line of duty on Thursday, November 17th, in my hometown, Vallejo, California. As council member Stephanie Gomes said in her comments at an earlier memorial […]

St. Vincent Hill – Break-ins, Thefts & Assault

Southwest Neighborhood – St. Vincent Hill Neighborhood Break-ins, Thefts and Assault  around Thanksgiving Weekend About a two months ago the Fourplex on the 1000 block of Marin had $7,000 in tools stolen. Another break-in attempt was made a week and a half later. The Monday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 21st) a resident in this area was […]


In Memory of Officer Jim Capoot

                    An irreplaceable father, citizen, coach and police officer was gunned down by a fleeing suspect in a bank robbery in Vallejo on Thursday afternoon, November 17, 2011. A 19-year veteran of Vallejo PD and an ex-marine, Officer Capoot and his wife had taken in the […]


Heritage Neighborhood – Possible Burglary Suspect Casing Properties

Monday (October 31st) a resident of the Heritage District noticed an African-American man with a medium build loitering around the corner near Sutter and Virginia Streets around 11AM. He watched her get in her car and drive away. She had a bad feeling and so drove back moments later and found the same man knocking […]