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Bethel High School Area – Auto Theft

Residents in the Eagle Ridge neighborhood and nearby areas (north of Jesse Bethel High School, off of Redwood and Ascot Parkways) reported nearly a half dozen car burglaries and thefts in October alone: 10/4 – auto burglary on Claret Court 10/7 @ 7:49 AM car reported stolen on Penny Lane 10/14 @ 4:55 PM car […]


Vista Neighborhood – Suspicious Door-to-Door Solicitation

About 3:30 PM on Thursday, October 6th, a slightly heavyset strawberry blonde Caucasian woman, in her early twenties, 5 foot 2 or so, rang the doorbell of a neighbor’s house (500 block Washington Street).  The woman talked about needing to earn points to get $15,000 to start her own business but held only a page […]

Vista Neighborhood – Man/Woman Burglary Team Observed

Monday, October 3rd, 8 AM: A Vista resident was sitting at her dining room table looking out the window toward the 100 block of Loma Vista when she saw a women on foot and a man on a 10-speed bike.  Both were wearing black, he had a backpack, she had something in her arms, maybe […]