St. Vincent Hill District – Suspicious “Candy Salesman” and Subsequent Burglary

African-American male who appears to be in his twenties, tall, thin, and dressed in a distinctive button-up bright lime green shirt was going around the St. Vincent’s Hill neighborhood recently pretending to be selling candy.

He didn’t hit every house and was wandering up and down the street seemingly knocking on doors at random, and even sometimes backtracking to hit a house a second time. He did not approach one house on the block that has conspicuously placed suveillance cameras.

The man took considerable time checking out the various houses, and the green shirt could have been a toss-away, i.e., an easily shed garment so that visual descriptions of him would be inaccurate if someone reported him and police approached him later.

A couple of days after the young man appeared on the block, a neighbor was burglarized.


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