St. Vincent Hill District – Break-in and Burglary

On Friday, June 24th, between 9:45 PM and 1:30 AM, a burglar broke into a house on the 500 block of Ohio Street by entering the east side window (unlocked) opening onto a laundry room.

The thieves stole a laptop computer, some jewelry, a stun gun and a check book.

The entry space on the window is only 12” high x 24” wide, because of a cupboard mounted right in front of the window. The burglar had to squeeze through this narrow opening to gain entry, and therefore was either very small, thin and/or young. He did not exit through the back door or the front, but through the window again, so it is suspected that more than one person was involved.

Police were called immediately upon discovery of the burglary but though they promised to either call back or come by they did neither until a relative of the resident went to the police station the next day to follow-up on the initial report.

The police finally arrived later that day, the day after the break-in (Saturday). They took fingerprints and asked neighbors if they had witnessed anything, but no one had.


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