Cottonwood Drive Area – Attempted Car Break-in

Friday night (6/3) a neighbor noticed 6 highschool-age kids walking our neighborhood.  They were dressed in all dark clothing with hoods on, and seemed to be approaching houses at random. As the neighbor watched over the fence from his backyard, he saw several of the youths trying to break into his car, which was parked right in the driveway.  The others  were hanging around further down the street, seemingly ready to assist or serve as lookouts.

The neighbor called out to the teen trying to break into his car and gave chase as the teen fled up Live Oak Ct., dropping a hammer on the ground as he ran. The other teens fled in the direction of Corkwood.

The police were called but they were unable to respond until the following day, and then simply patrolled the neighborhood.

Important: Lock your vehicles, leave nothing of value in plain sight and MOST of all be aware of your surroundings as you enter and leave your residence.


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