Annex Neighborhood – Casing Houses

Today on 13th and Mayo close to where 13th intersects with Mayo, two individuals witnessed 3 African American youths going door to door. One would knock, while the other two walked around the house. This was around 10 AM. There are  clear descriptions on 3 of them. The police were called.

About 20 minutes later the same individuals plus one more youth were seen at  the intersection of Florida and Tuloumne.  This is the same MO as the people who robbed a house on Contra Costa.

One youth was about 5″9 to 5’11, thick muscular build, close cropped hair wearing a black T shirt with long black shorts with a stripe down his pants. He was the one knocking.

The second youth was  about 5’9, thin,  wearing a black hoodie, with the hood up, long black shorts and ankle high blue and maybe grey tennis shoes.

The third youth was  about 5’7″  short dreads, very messy, wearing faded blue denims with holes in them, grey & black fleece jacket, and a black skull cap.

The fourth youth was not seen that clearly but  was wearing a black hoodie as well.

The youths returned about an hour later but by then one or more of the neighbors had returned home and were observing their behavior.


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